Business Data Vault


Business Data Vault is a business-oriented online backup system designed for cross platform use including server backup.

Business Data Vault, our in house automated backup system protects your business data from loss through fire, flood, theft, system crashes or the unknown by backing up your information in a secure off-site location.

Some features include:

Windows, Mac, Linux Cross Platorm
256 bit AES Military-grade Encryption
Seed Loading and Restore
Supports MS Exchange, MS SQL, MySQL, etc
All data and servers stored securely underground

Business DataVault Pricing

With Business DataVault you are billed for the amount of storage used. Please choose a monthly or annual plan that fits your offsite storage needs.
StorageMonthly USDAnnual USD
50 GB 20.00 200.00
100 GB 30.00 300.00
250 GB 60.00 600.00
500 GB 100.001000.00
1500 GB 150.001500.00
1600 GB 160.001600.00
1700 GB 170.001700.00
1800 GB 180.001800.00
1900 GB 190.001900.00
2000 GB 200.002000.00

Additional Storage: $100 per 100GB over 1500GB