DataVault is our business-oriented online off-site backup service, designed to protect your business from catastrophic data losses through fire, flood, theft, accidental deletions, server crashes, and other disasters, by backing up your information to a series of secure, off-site locations, meaning even if one of those facilities is destroyed, your data is still safe.

DataVault Storage Pricing

With DataVault, you pay for amount of data you select to back up.
You can save more by opting for an annual payment plan.
StorageMonthly USDAnnual USD
150 GB 20.00 200.00
300 GB 30.00 300.00
500 GB 40.00 400.00
600 GB 50.00450.00
700 GB 55.00500.00
800 GB 60.00550.00
900 GB 65.00600.00
1000 GB 70.00650.00
1500 GB 80.00775.00
2000 GB100.00900.00
2500 GB125.001025.00
3000 GB 150.001150.00

Additional Storage: $250 per TB over 3000GB

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